100 days
The world is conquered
We came back from our trip, but there was no time to sit and do nothing. Only half of our planned time left so we had to be productive as much as possible. Tomas and I were spending all our time in the office calling and browsing the internet in search of new partners all over the world. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be, because there are some countries that haven’t been touched by new technologies, have no understanding of invoices or import, not to mention the global languages.:) Our search became quite puzzling.:) Raimonda joined us and gave all her energy and time to help us. Woman was probably the missing element, because using her different logic, everything started to go in the right direction.:) Another team member Dmitrij went to Kazakhstan to meet in person with more than 15 partners who wanted to cooperate with us. Too bad we finished the project without him.     Currently, the last contracts are being signed and on September 14 we will send “Intellectual mustaches” and jewelry trees to remaining countries. For all who believed in us and for all who said it’s impossible, I can officially announce -Jauku|design team has finished the project “Take over the world in 100 days” and finished it with a smile!:) We THANK each and everyone who helped us. Thank you for provided shelter while traveling, thank you for the food, thank you for the contacts, thank you for written articles, BLOGs, thank you for financial support, thank you our family and believers for emotional support, thank you all who didn’t believe us – it was the best motivation to achieve something that seems impossible.:) Thank you technical support for creating the blog, website, sales systems. And of course massive THANKS to all the shops who became our partners:   • Lithuania • Poland • Germany • Belgium • USA • Estonia • Canada • France • Japan • Belarus • The Netherlands • Iceland • Luxembourg • Norway • Liechtenstein • Switzerland • Bulgaria • England • Austria • Russia • Italy • Hungary • The Czech Republic • Spain • Slovakia • Australia • Denmark • Cyprus • Croatia • Argentina • Ukraine • Malta • Monaco • Greece • Portugal • Romania • Sweden • Armenia • Finland • Brazil • Macedonia • Cameroon • Georgia • India • Bahamas • Hong Kong • Madagascar • Serbia • New Zealand • Turkey • Uruguay • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Dominican Republic • South Africa • Cuba • Nigeria • Bolivia • Costa Rica • Senegal • South Korea • Philippines • San Marino • Colombia • Saudi Arabia • Iran • Thailand• Tunisia • Zimbabwe • Kazakhstan • United Arab Emirates.     We worked very hard and gave all our time during these 100 days, but we gained so much more – invaluable experience, that we would like to share with you. I, Simonas, will be going to the well-earned rest and hopefully more astonishing projects will be born while this vacation. After his trip to Kazakhstan Dmitrij will get back to newly started and under development projects. Tomas and Raimonda are already busy preparing for the winter holidays. team ( is cooperating with such partners as "RedBull", "Kauno grūdai", "Berlin Chemie", Kaunas technology university, even our President (helping her surprise international and Lithuanian guests with original gifts) and many others. We are always ready to help You share beautiful emotions with important people.     So, would you like to impress your employees or business customers with original idea and unordinary gift solutions or do you prefer to use bottle and flowers as usual…? Leave your worries to us and be different together with team!  
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Italy - Lichteinstein - Austria
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Lithuanian language, sorry guys :)  
DAY 45
We decided to continue the finish line of our trip without any stops :) So our navigation system was guiding us for 15 hours journey and the final spot was to be reached around 5 am :) But during our road  trip this navigation system many times brought us out of the way, sometimes even forgetting where it should be guiding us. This lead us to trying to make through dirty roads or even some place, there that road existed only in theory of you navigation system. As the result, we have reached our end point at 7 am. In fact, even better, because now we will hit our office and meet you colleagues :)       Tomas: "Somehow it is difficult to believe that we are already here :) Simon: "Lithuania!" Dmirtij: "Like a stone dropped .."   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 44
In the afternoon we reached Prague. I admit this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in my view :) And certainly not due the fact that home gets really close :) We have settled for one night with one really nice old lady. This time we do not packed out tent, just got mattress as we were sure it will not rain.     Very early in the morning we hit the Prague in search of stores. To make it more fun we set game: if we find the shop before 4 pm, we will take our car and do road trip for 15 hours without stops for night, eat and entertainment. And we found it! But was it under the rules of the game? :)     Tomas: "When life gives a new challenge, challenged out positive changes" Simon: "Second Wind" Dmirtij "Start inspiring yourself"   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
Day 42
The other Bratislava
Once upon a time I have seen a movie. Actually, there is nothing to hide- the movie was “Eurotrip”. The situation of those young people was just like ours – they had no money but had to travel. And when they have entered the Bratislava they realized one dollar here means being oligarch. Unfortunately, will all disappointment I have to state Bratislava has covered its soviet treasures long time ago and now is a beauty and even has euro. :)     With every visited city the home gets closed so we are trying to make everything faster. In Bratislava we will have to spend two days because on Sundays nobody works here and the town looks like about to extinct. Unfortunately Monday was also not productive, we had no shop on the list so decided to save time and travel towards Prague.  Along the way we found wild place, which will probably be the last in this long journey.     Tomas: "Wishes come true, you only need to book them properly" Simonas: "Longing for Home interlinked into sadness at the end of the trip" Dmirtij: "Drink water from a "source" rather than "sparkling lemonade ... "   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 40
Conquered city
All day we went sightseeing Budapest. We really wanted to make our day THE day and shine it twice as the previous day was spent in hotel. Of course, we were in pace as the town is not only to be seen, the shops are waiting to be discovered and contribute in our project as well. 34 degrees were not very convenient.     We went all across the city and even suburbs, but couldn’t find any shop. Although, there were several contacts outside the city, so the spirit and hope was still here and smiles on our faces. But this was before we found our cars with blocked wheel. Indeed, not some little printed out fine to pay somewhere around windscreen, the blocked wheel. This meant we will have to pay it immediately. With this 50 euro fine the total amount it now more then 1250 litas – lets hope this will not make it to home.     As we expected, the last shop we visited contributed to the project and Hungary is now under the “taken over” list. Lets get proper sleep and hit Bratislava..     Tomas: "healthy body healthy mind" Simonas: ”pace" Dmitrij: "If you want to be the best one you have to behave as the best one.."   Best Regards, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 39
Before we left Vienna, we got a letter from Tomas friend Nora. She sent us some great news from Hungary. Thanks to her help, the first hotel of our journey is happy to welcome us and we will be able to stay there. :)     We were driving uneconomically fast and reached Budapest in the evening. We entered through the “Viktorija Hotel” door with our royal smiles.:) Had a chat with a manager, who let us stay as long as we need and suggested us to visit Budapest next month and see the “Szigest Festival Budapest 2013”. We already missed almost all of the festivals in Lithuania, so guess we will think about it.:)     Morning has welcomed us with the ordered call – time for breakfast.:) Royally full, we decided to spend the day in a hotel room. As the midway point of the project is getting near very soon, we must have our plans and strategies clear and tidy.     Using nowadays technology advantages we were working online with Dmitrij Javko, planning the next steps of taking over the world.     After the whole day spent with computer I got my head “blown off”. I guess this photo shows it all. :D     Tomas: “What more a person needs.:)” Simonas: “Comfort + Productivity = Productive comfort.:)” Dmitrij: “No matter how bad the situation is, you can always find a small “plus”.”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 36
After a few days by the lake, sunburned bodies were driving last few hundred kilometers to Vienna. And guess how long we’ve been driving? 6,5 hours, because of the traffic jam. Strange thing is that the middle road lane was free, probably left for special services, because when we tried to get on it, other drivers were blocking us and hundreds of cars were beeping at us. Ok, we got it….And the funny thing is, after long time suffering in the car, traffic jam disappeared with no reason.:)     We reached Vienna in the late evening. We would like to thank Mario for his warm welcome and his mother for buying us food and giving us freedom for moving forward.:) Plan of the next day – to connect with at least one shop and get familiar with the city. Sadly, I was getting familiar with my bed, because after long sunbathing by the lake I got a small heat shock, so all I could do is walk to WC.:) At that moment Tomas found shop that joined our project. We decided to spend a few days here, because it was too hard for me to move. Next day began like a new life. It felt like everything changed overnight and I was in a hurry to get familiar with the city. I wanted to see everything because I visited Vienna 10 years ago. It made me feel so old. :D     In short, city is beautiful, goals were achieved and we didn’t get mad even after another parking ticked for the parking by the house.:) Another night in Vienna and the next stop – Hungary, Budapest.     Tomas: “I let my ordered thought go and it brings me toward the aim.” Simonas: “Newly born.:)” Dmitrij: “Persistence and faith…”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 35
We stopped in Munich to post our blog and earn some money, as we knew it is possible in Germany.:) While I was posting our blog and replying few emails, Tomas got back with results of opened shop and some cash for us to move on.     On our way to Vienna we passed three gorgeous lakes surrounded by nature, so we were assured of finding a “free stop”. For the next one hour we couldn’t find anything suitable for us because all the right sides of the lakes were surrounded by luxurious homes. But we didn’t get sad – we still had some time.:) Later we saw a big tent camp with the music playing loud, so we thought the evening’s going to be fun after all. We drove to the raving young people group, gave them a bottle of Lithuanian “good mood giving” drink, but in response we got nothing. Then we met a scout camp, where we spent one hour but all we could hear is that only scouts can stay here and no strangers allowed on the whole hectare size territory. Finally we stopped in the woods, but it wasn’t an end for our adventures. Someone called the police and they even asked us to delete all the town photos when I tried to take picture of them, so I had no choice. We lost our hope after 5 hours of searching and decided to pay for the camping zone, but it wasn’t that easy too. Most of the camping zones don’t like to accept foreigners, but as we say in Lithuania – sufferers will get to the sky.:) After long time of wandering around we accidently found a great camping zone with a nice owner who bought our products and gave us opportunity to stay for two nights without spending those few hundred litas.:) There is no bad, that couldn’t become good.:)     Tomas: “Mad, tired, hungry and irritable.” Simonas: “If you will give in to the bad influence of surrounding – you will stop.” Dmitrij: “Team spirit – step Nr. 1”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 33
As we expected, Munich made us happy. Almost every shop we visited wanted to take part in this project. While Tomas was busy selling our products, I was finishing sentimental song about our growing wish to get back home. We have no possibility for montage, so the sound and video quality is just the way it is. :) For your attention mine and Tomas common wish: “HOME SOON”. :)     Tomas: “Home soon.” Simonas: “I thank muses, they visit me from time to time.:)” Dmitrij: “Find strength to stand up and raise the “flag”.”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 32
Innsbruck surprised us with how beautiful and exclusive it is. While traveling Tomas couldn’t find a city he would like to live in and finally he found what he was looking for. :) But we can only be happy when we succeed. Back to our plan, first – shops and fun after.     We can take a breath because Austria is already in our “countries we took over” list. We took a walk in the city old town, met and chatted with “Comedy Club” guys from Russia. All we can say – the day was great 100 %! :)     Trip to Munich is only short stop before Vienna. We stopped by the beautiful lake to spend our free night. :) We “repaired” our mattress using my shoe pad, cooked ourselves full dinner, took a swim in the lake. Everything was nice except strange smell. The place was really gorgeous but forest around us was like a public WC for drivers. :)Oh well…we will put on gas masks and wait ‘till the morning comes. :)     Tomas: “City I could live in.:)” Simonas: “Nothing can stop me now!” Dmitrij: “When you order a “goal”, do not bother it every moment…”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 31
On our way from Milan to Liechtenstein we found one of the most beautiful and calm place to stay for the night. Weather was great and the views were so charming we took our time to relax and enjoy the peace. We built our tent and were getting ready to go to sleep, when suddenly the magic started to happen in the woods. Some small insects and we mean thousands of insects were flying in the air emitting flashing colors. Whole forest was flashing and looked like it was dyed with the blue blinking. It was unbelievable but the strong wind came up with this miracle which turned into the strongest storm we have ever seen. Storm took our tent up to the tree tops and all we could do is enjoy the fireballs and ice knocking on our car windows. As the result – night in the vehicle, totally torn tent and blown up mattress.     Morning was sunny again and 50 kilometers left to Liechtenstein we knew nothing about. Amazing views and winter entertainment on our way to elf size country made us feel great. :)     Now I can say that this place is perfect for rest and peace, but we couldn’t find any spot with internet and I’m not even talking about gift and design shops, there is no need for them here. :) It didn’t take much time, only one hour to walk the whole capital of Liechtenstein. Gorgeous. But not our place. :) We’re leaving this city for tourist and moving forward to “take over” Austria.       P.S. Before going to Austria Interview to journalist :)     Tomas: “Something special you can’t even convey.” Simonas: “I visited “Avatar” country.” Dmitrij: “Team spirit – step Nr. 1.”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 30
JAUKUMilan - city of motor vehicles and beautiful, stylish people. Of course it is no relief to us, because our only goal is to make some money and move forward. After vacation in Monaco we feel a bit like “beggars”. :)     To save our time we split into two teams. I took a journey to downtown and around it, and Tomas was searching for partners. My results of the day: seen the city, took a few photos, 14 kilometers by foot and a great time spent. First time in a while I felt like a tourist. :)     Tomas results were much more beneficial than mine. :) I could see his smile from afar. :) - “Got it!” We found very strong partner “LOVEThESIGN” who will be responsible for our advertising and products in the whole Italy. They gave us freedom to move forward. :) Thank you! Next stop - elf size country Liechtenstein.     Tomas: “Feels like new revival.” Simonas: “City can get beautiful because of beautiful people.:)” Dmitrij: “Persistence and faith…”   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 29
3 days of “doing nothing” passed by quickly. :) Time flies so fast and much more countries are left to visit, so we packed our stuff as soon as we woke up and moved straight ahead to the capital of fashion – Milan. We couldn’t use toll roads because all our earned money was sent to Lithuania before vacation and we only left us some money to be enough for the next two countries, but….. Monaco is not a cheap city. ;)     Trying to save money we decided to find our home in nature, so half of our day was spent driving outside of Milan in search of beautiful place. We found a few places that could seduce us i.e. under the freeway bridge or long-abandoned house the “Ghost house”, or in the woods with wild animals and birds. :)     Final decision was made – spend our all money for the camping zone in Milan and tomorrow, dead or alive we must to find a shop, sell our products and move forward…     Tomas: “We can’t let ourselves feel comfortable.” Simonas: “Same as Monday, days after vacation aren’t easy. J” Dmirtij: "There are no elevators to success, You always need to use stairs"   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 26 - 28
As we said before, we let ourselves to have a rest for a few days, to enjoy the sun and do not work with the searchings of the stores. Monaco!   - We are traveling a month.  - We drove 5000 kilometres.  - We visited 9 countries. - We opened 19 stores. - From Lithuania we opened 4 stores. - We ate 4,5 kilos of buckwheat.     Now our trip plans are: Nica, Milan, Liechtenstein, Innsbruck, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and home :) When we will come back, we will try to take over the next countries in 50 days :) Tomas: "Vacation By the sea:)" Simonas: "3 days in the paradise..." Dmitrij: "Play the life, not  work the entrepreneurs :)" Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]  
DAY 25
The morning made us choke ambiguously. Firstly, because we woke up at 2 kilometres height looking into blue-as-the-sky lake, and secondly, because at 5am we were raised not by an alarm clock, but by the freezing cold of the air. Of course, we couldn't call 7 degrees celsius freezing cold, but our arms and legs said an absolutely different thing. :) Never mind though, I had never even dreamed of such spectacular scenery. :)     There was another six-hour drive left to Monaco, crossing France, Italy and then again France and Italy lands. :) One stop for full breakfast, or maybe lunch, and then a journey to where it's hot. :) As I had planned, we hung the rain cloud somewhere between the mountains and so we were driving with smiles towards the shining sun. :)     We reached the luxurious Monaco in an early evening so we took time and made my old dream come true - we drove through the Formula-1 route. :) It was beautiful, warm and we only had one problem - where to stay, but we're going to leave it for the night and now - a nap at the beach. :) It's the halfway of this journey, thus I think no one would get mad for a few days rest. :)     Tomas: "The nature - it was all that I needed." Simonas: ”Not to rest would be a sin.“ Dmirtij: "Make the dream your lifestyle." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis] 
DAY 24
The morning - again - greeted us with rain, but it didn't upset us, because it's almost always like that. :) It seems as if we're going through the world with the same cloud above our heads. Maybe when we're crossing the mountains, it will get stuck behind some peek and we'll be able to get away from it... "A letter from Germany!!!" - Tomas' voice echoed throughout all Geneve. We received the biggest order so far. :) We rushed out to the city with wide smiles all over our faces to find luck again. The first "lucky" moment reached us near the car. A FINE - 120 franks, it's around 100 euros - simply made us lively. "We'll work it off", - I said. :)     Our plan for the day was to find one store and drive forward. We did as we had said. We opened!!! A great day, great mood, an emotional upswing and a willingness to move (only) forward, to Monaco. Although the navigation showed only 520 kilometres distance, our journey lasted 12 hours as we tried to avoid paid roads. We traveled by a wonderful route, tossed some snow at each other, enjoyed some really breathtaking mountain peeks until it got completely dark. We decided to risk it and build the tent wherever it seemed comfortable. :) The morning will show if it was a wise idea. :)     Tomas: "As the time goes by I get to understand the saying "here and now" more and more." Simonas: ”Finally something new, it's like the first time. :D“ Dmirtij: "Always have a motor when there's no wind." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 23
Somehow we didn't manage to wake up early. :) Although the city wasn't generous for our project, it had a good calm aura, and we are starting to feel the need of that calmness... :) After doing our morning deeds we set off to Switzerland.     Traveling 600 kilometres by free roads took us 7 fun hours, and we had already planned another stop for lunch, my lost betting penalty and a new career path for Tomas. :)     We reached Geneve late in the evening, but Ieva was waiting for us with roast chicken and good-as-grandma's apple pie. :) Thank You for a pleasant night talk, food, comfortable night's stay and a new acquaintanceship. :)   Tomas: "Should I become a barber? :)" Simonas: "A new hairstyle. :)" Dmitrij: "A clear goal motivates to move forward." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
Greetings for all lithuanians in all over the world who are celebrating Coronation Day of King Mindaugas! This celebration symbolizes the solidarity so foster what is the most important for us!     Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 20 - 21
The morning. Arnas' breakfast. A goodbye to Brussels and a journey to Luxemburg - a small country surrounded like and "island" by the big European countries. It was interesting, as none of us had ever been here or knew anything about it. :) At least we were calm, because here Aleksandra was waiting for us, so we could hear some interesting things about the place from her and her flatmates. :) We were greeted extra-ordinarily, we felt as if we were in a high class hotel, this is even difficult to narrate. :) The city centre, gourmet dishes, wine and king beds...this got Tomas so dizzy and high spirited that he decided to end our journey here... Probably, the delusion came from exhaustion and nostalgia. :)     The sun was shining through the window, thus, our morning mood was splendid. We sent the translated letters to the french store owners and set off to our working day in Luxemburg. :) Yes, the city is fantastical, but the beauty was ruined for us by the fact that we could not find a single store to sell our goods at - all the owners were on vacation as though they all went together... And a national law - you cannot take pictures of people around here - restricted us very much too. I was actually threatened with calling the police by a few people and, thus, had to delete the taken media data.     Finally, we discovered one store in here with its owner in. He spoke in english and he like the project, but...he simply didn't want to buy anything from us. Therefore, we had to do something different - we just left the jewelry tree and some mustache coasters for him to sell and this way we made a new partner. :) We know, next week they are going to call and ask for an additional order. :) I really hope life would beam in colours in Geneve further on our journey though. :)     Tomas: "It's good to remember the civilised world." Simonas: ”Critique is like a disgusting food that's easy to give out, but very unpleasant to eat... “ Dmirtij: "The project is starting just now."   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 19
We left Brussels in an early morning as we really wanted to do as much as possible this day and find many new stores. Nevertheless, we found only 3 stores that could possibly sell our products. Luckily, the store owners were all in, but...none of them spoke english, so our story became pointless and the only thing we could do was taking down their contacts. In the evening we were planning to compose a few french letters using some translation tools and send the texts to the owners, maybe that would appear useful...     It would have been a loss not to to have sold anything, thus, we set up a table to sell our stuff on the street as usually, though during the rain this time. :) This way of selling our goods always gets us money at least for fuel and bakery. :) Tomas was selling things while I was looking around the city centre searching for the stores. We earned three contacts plus money for the fuel and biscuits. :) A small victory! This victory almost slipped through our fingers when I saw that we were almost getting fined for wrong parking. However, my huge smile made the officer uncomfortable, so she just took off the receipt from our car and went away to fine others. :)     Our thoughts were severely concentrated on how we were going to spend the night when suddenly we received a phone call from an old friend Mindaugas Kemzūra, who lead us to very good people from Brussels and offered us to stay at their place. We went back to Belgium, and it was the best thing that could have happened this day. :) Paulius and Arnas were very welcoming, they fed us, let us rest and then later in the evening they took us out to one of their friend Agne's birthday party. It was both fun and strange, as throughout the past 3 weeks we hadn't been out and about that much. :) Paulius troubled to make our upcoming nights comfortable, so now we're calm, because we already have some places to stay in Luxemburg and Switzerland. :) Thank you again, guys. :)     Tomas: "It's so nice when you are taken care of." Simonas: ”If you understand that everything changes, you won't attach to anything. If you are not afraid to die, there's nothing you couldn't achieve.“ Dmirtij: "Restart."   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]  
DAY 18
I woke up from a doorbell - a nicely packed present was waiting for me. :) The first congraturalion from Lithuania and a reminder that I had aged one more year. :) This doesn't matter, what matters is not being forgotten. :) Tomas is persistently seaching for stores and I am using my birthday boy rights to lie in bed and do nothing. We often dream of such days, don't we?   After lunch we allowed ourselves to celebrate a bit, Tomas surprised me with 2 pieces of cake. :) No, I didn't have to blow candles - at this age, I couldn't do it with one breath, but I still made a wish and it came true! :) One store agreed to become our partners, so, although with minimal success, we can cross out Belgium from our list. :)     Tomorrow we are planning to go to Lille, a small town in France, from an early morning. We've on idea if anyone speaks english there, but we are not going to loose hope. :) If we're not going to make it through one day, we'll have to find a place to stay, but the centre of Brussels keeps us calm - if they can sleep in here, we'll be able to do it in the centre of Lille too. :) And if that provokes town's police, it'll be eve more fun, because every adventure in our journey is like a gust of fresh air. :)   Tomas: "Every adventure in a journey strenghtens the friendship."Simonas: "I AM HAPPY, AREN'T I..? Don't bother responding, just DO what you love doing, because the happiest people are THE ONES who don't have the TIME to ask such STUPID questions..."Dmitrij: "Happy birthday, Simonai! :)" Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 17
So, our morning was very bright and very early as we received a phone call from Lithuanian radio station "PowerHitRadio" with Dmitrij on air. After full breakfast there was just one thing on our minds - finding stores to sell our stuff in Brussels. Unfortunately... everything was exactly opposite from what we had hoped for. The whole city was under street constructions, thus, our old navigation system kept guiding us to places where the traffic was forbidden. Therefore, we had to park our car at a far end of the city and trust our inner navigation. :)     Although we managed to find 5 proper stores, they weren't any use for us. Moreover, we were strongly demotivated in each place, so each and every time we had to turn around and just leave. Getting morally exhausted made us feel more and more irritable and angry, thus, we decided to take a break for the rest of the day and try to find the peeing boy. :) There are quite a few similar symbols around the city.     We got really tired after this day, so when we got to our car and saw a man standing next to it, the first thought in our heads was that we were going to get fined. Nevertheless, the guy was just taking a picture and admiring our story. You can imagine what a relief and joy it was for us. :) Navigation showed 5 kilometres to our home, but closed roads and unimaginable traffic jams made this short distance into 1.5 hour long trip. You could shoot yourself, I thought. :) Let a new morning come sooner, a new day, I really hope a productive one, too.     Tomas: "It's important not to believe, but to know you will succeed." Simonas: "No one can succeed perfectly throughout the whole journey. If we're lucky, we go forward, if not, we have to step a bit backwards. That step is not an important one, because our goal is to move forward, never stop and reach our destination. Floods and tides... This kind of movement is common both to the nature and to the human."Dmitrij: "We order a thought and we don't let go." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
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DAY 15
We took a break to relax and breath some fresh air halfway to our next city to "conquer". We are spending most of our money in this journey on water and milk, so when we saw a herd of not yet milked cows, an interesting idea popped into our minds... :) Unfortunately, among all those cows, there was also a MALE ox, that made me really anxious - I had to start running away and jump over the fence without any free milk. :)     Finally, we arrived to Belgium. :) Though it's only 200 kilometers from Amsterdam to Brussels, we spent 5 hours travelling, as there were road works all the through. Moreover, when we reached the city, there were long forgotten traffic jams waiting for us. :) It's good to remember Vilnius. :) I understood the saying, that you don't have to boast about doing something good, therefore, for our few overnights in Brussels we can be grateful to some simply good people. :)     After having a night's, well, finally a really good night's sleep, we decided to spend a day indoors. We had many unanswered e-mails from various bloggers, to whom we hadn't had time to reply. There were also loads of photos and videos to sort out and of course we had to prepare for tomorrow's march through the stores. I was also very excited about cooking something more complicated that an easy 15 minute meal. :)     By the way, what we didn't do in Amsterdam was thanking Liūdni Slibinai for their songs that remind us of Lithuania and don't let us get sad. Thus, here You go, our cover of your single:   Tomas: "I miss working in the office..." Simonas: "A dream has this feature: it comes true, if you really believe in it." Dmitrij: "Any change leads to other changes." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 14
Pigeons are flying all around, hares are pasturing everywhere - what else could we see in the outskirts of Amsterdam? :) It was a wonderful day for our "conquering" mission - it was NOT raining anymore! The day began beautifully until a "flying" cycler whacked into my side car door. He stood up, waved and drove forward... :) From then on we decided to be very careful in this city as the number 1 vehicle here is, of course, the bike.     We found a few stores one of which belongs to a chain store with 20 different places all around the Netherlands. Thus, we could go further with a clear conscience. We said: "It's been really fun in this fun city". :) So we can add another country to our list. :) There are 62 countries left, but Dmitrij is developing some secret plans so that our "conquering" accelerates even more. :) Honestly, we are as curious as You are. :)     After working this hard we'll let ourselves relax, walk around this tolerant and really free city one more time, and then we're going to set off to Belgium. :)     Tomas: "When I get back, I'm going to start riding a bike. :)" Simonas: "There is no bad whether, just bad clothing." Dmitrij: "Don't try to be like others and let others be different too."Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 13
As the city's clock was hitting midnight we arrived in Amsterdam. We parked our car in the city center and decided to look around the real free city. :) After passing by all the "famous", prominent districts and visiting a small cafe we went back to our car. Despite whether it's a weekend or a weekday, the city celebrates till 3am and then goes to sleep, thus as we had no place to stay, we decided that our car was going to be our roof and beds. :)   The morning was difficult, we felt kind of exhausted after a night in the car. Because the night was not a silent one. Two guys making out on the front side of our car, a scooter hitting our vehicle, wild passers by wondering why we were sleeping in the car and so all prevented us from having a good rest. We were definitely going to find a campsite for tomorrow night. And today we were going to work with our laptops trying to make a plan and a store list for our Amsterdam stay, so that we could move towards Belgium with our heads held high. :)   It's the fourth day of rain (special thanks to "Adatyte", because extremely warm clothes are protecting us), thus camping is probably not the best choice especially with our "tired" tent. :) Nevertheless, in the outskirts of Amsterdam we found a nice small holiday house, so we settled there. Time to rest, do the laundry, eat and set the mood for tomorrow's march through the stores. We were warned that some of them might be closed, because of some national holiday, but that would only mean another day in the Netherlands. :)     After 13 days of our journey: We travelled 2450 kilometers We filled 3 tanks for fuel We found 12 partner stores We contacted 47 stores 63 countries are left to visit ouf of 70 We've been to 2 radio stations 15 bloggers around the world wrote about our journey We slept in 8 different places We met many many new people Tomas: "The city that will change everything..." Simonas: "Who need Rotterdam, when we're in Amsterdam? :)" Dmitrij: "Only motivation allows you to aim for the best results." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 12
take overt he world, journey, europe, leafy dream, intellectual mustaches, gift, items, jewelry organizer, jewlry holder, earring tree, earring holder, earring organizer, cup coasters, Tomas Kulita, jauku, jaukudesign, Dmitrij Juvko, Simonas, Urbonas, Saimis, souvenirs, take over the world in 100 days, 100 days.As I had predicted we left Kiel and started our journey towards Bremen without achieving anything. :) Of course we were going to live somewhere outdoors again, because the cheapest hostel would cost us 45 euros, ant that is just pure luxury. 25 kilometers to Bremen we took a turn from the road and drove beside a serpentine stream, which lead us to yet another magnificent place in Germany. We settled for the night, had dinner, took a swim... :) And then, just as I had predicted:       The morning was damp, but the sun came up soon, so we were able to dry all the soaked clothes from last night. Now we were going to Bremen. First thing in there - the Internet. We barely moved from our car and there we saw an interesting place called "Noon". As it appeared, the place was about to open after a few more days, but we were pleasantly greeted, we were also allowed to use the internet connection and what's more we were given some coffee and pie. :) We became the first customers of this awesome place, thus we didn't have to pay. :) After this, we were off to conquer Bremen, as in the evening there was a journey waiting for us to nowhere else but Amsterdam. :)     Bremen is an interesting city... so to find a suitable store for our products was getting a bit difficult. However, Tomas said a strict "we are not going anywhere until we find something!" I liked it cuz it really cultivated our belief in what we do. After long wanderings, we finally found something exactly right for us. :) Done. Mission "Bremen" is accomplished. :) We found a car, because it was left on the other side of the city, pressed the speed pedal and set off to make it to Amsterdam before the night. :)     Tomas: "Our week long business trip to Germany is over." Simonas: "You can't blow agains the wind." Dmitrij: "The important thing is not to betray yourself." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 11
We got near the town Kiel in the previous evening, but we chose a lake 20 kilometers away from the place for a night’s stay. We spent quite a few tens of kilometers driving all over the place trying to find a beautiful and most importantly free place outdoors. Unfortunately…there were either private territories, or campsites, or private houses surrounding the lake.       We left our car and just started walking somewhere until completely accidentally we found the most fabulous place that we had been to throughout all of the journey. Neither me nor Tomas had any questions about where we were going to cook dinner, rest and get a good night sleep.  I opened the swimming season. The first jump was unsuccessful, so my leg is now swollen as a brick and thus, the pace of our journey would probably have to slow down a bit. Anyway, it didn’t ruin our evening and we enjoyed the outdoors till the very darkest hour.     The morning was spectacular. The geese and church bells woke us up for a new day and the trip to Kiel. Though it wasn’t unexpected, I actually couldn’t walk. Tomas had to work for both of us – he had to put all the stuff to the car himself. We reached Kiel still in the very early morning, as we were going to spend just one day in this town. In the evening we’d have to appear somewhere near Bremen and try to find another place to stay for the night. By the way, we have already made 1800 kilometers in our journey. Tomas is surfing through the central streets of Kiel trying to find some stores, and I am sitting in a café with my leg stretched forward, observing people enjoying the rain through a window pane.     It would be great if You could help us with some info about where to stay in our upcoming conquering places, such as France, Italy, Luxemburg, Monaco or any other place. Please contact us on Thanks! Tomas demands for some female company :D Maybe that would cheer you up:     Tomas: “While others sleep, we act.“ Simonas: “I understand the saying, like a fifth leg for a dog…“ Dmitrij: “Last jobs before the journey.“   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
DAY 10
We have no other choice but to find stores for our products. We started the morning with this phrase. And what do you think, the fate started smiling at us. We found all the stores owners at their places, while finding at least one in is rare. So, we were very very lucky. From 4 stores, 3 of them have our products now! Success dance and peace inside our minds… A little more time in front of the laptop and then...freedom.     We spent the rest of the day wandering through the city, which would definitely fascinate even the most experienced traveler. We relaxed in the city’s beach, used the swing in the city’s viewpoint, exchanged our empty journey bottles to money (4 euros 25 cents) and used the earnings to buy some food for our sleepover somewhere near KIEL – a town that we’re going to visit tomorrow. This evening is dedicated to the journey till Kiel and also to finding a nice place to stay for the night.     The big city was sad to see us off. A small cozy farewell party was thrown. Though it was short, we enjoyed it so much and we will never forget seeing all the smiley faces. Bye bye Hamburg!..     Tomas: “Dreams are supposed to come true.“ Simonas: “Yaaaaaaay!“ Dmitrij: “We know our way.“   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
We decided to wake up very early in the morning, because in order to share our adventures with You, reply to all of the received e-mails and plan our temporary future home during our journey we have to find the Internet connection. It appears to be a rather difficult task, thus, while the whole city was starting to wake up, we were trying to find Wi-Fi.     We spent the whole day going from one side of the city to another, unfortunately we weren’t able to sell anything. We simply worked for the work’s sake… “A woman has just fallen down!” – I heard Tomas shouting so I rushed to where he was.  We helped her stand up, called the ambulance and stayed until the woman was in the medics’ hands. Afterwards we felt some kind of inner peace – we’ve just done a good thing for a person, the destiny will most likely reward us in one way or another. Sooner or later.     We regained our good mood after an evening walk round the city because then Hamburg was at its most beautiful colorful self. I’d call it the city of music, cause wherever you go, you’ll hear street musicians entertaining passers-by or the people in the cafes. I hope tomorrow will be better and we won’t have to see one finger combo in every store… :D And now we are going back to Julio’s to have dinner, rest and prepare for tomorrow’s conquering plans.     Tomas: “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, the number of times you rise up should always be bigger by one.“ Simonas: “Because for good, always good.“ Dmitrij: “Don’t worry what other think about you.“ Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
Hamburg greeted us in a very reserved way. It was quiet and peaceful everywhere around. Every single store and the majority of cafes were already closed. Therefore, our plan for the day cleared on its own – we should find wi-fi and prepare for tomorrow. Thus, we simply found a secluded corner to work at in one of the most popular cafes in the world.     We had already got used to working, socializing, chatting all the time so as we were spending a day in a city, we couldn’t allow ourselves to do nothing. We took out our table and started wandering through the evening Hamburg center trying to find people to enlighten with our project ideas. 1 additional euro, the intellectual coasters sold to an Australian family and a final we hadn’t expected at all. One Indian noticed our troubled and starved expressions, so he brought us 3 sandwiches from his café (the third was probably for Dmitrij, we promise to bring it to him). What is more, we have an invitation for tomorrow’s lunch and refreshments.     After a really fun time at the city’s market, we set off to our Couchsurfing host Julio Aranda. A cheerful guy – he is dance teacher, choreograph and eventmanager – treated us with coffee and let us settle for a night in his dance studio. Neither me nor Tomas had ever slept in such a huge bedroom…     Dmitrij Juvko isn’t sleeping back home and thus, he has Estonia, the US, Norway and Japan in his list. Add our “conquered“ Poland, Germany and of course our Lithuania and here we have the list to be proud of! 8 days after our start and we have 63 countries out of 70 waiting to join our project. Only we could stop ourselves!     Tomas: “Step out of your comfort zone and tear it off yourself.“ Simonas: “No one will stop the belief of a running train.“ Dmitrij: “Everyday gives new waves of optimism.“ J   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
jaukudesign journey around the world, project Take over the world in 100 days. Creative gift items intellectual mustaches and Jewelry organizer Leafy DreamBerlin – Hamburg 300km. We were going to Hamburg although in there we didn’t have any place to stay. We didn’t have anything to lose at the same time, so we just simply went off the highway and let ourselves go where the road lead us. Beautiful towns, nature, fog – we were far away from the concrete jungle of the city. I though “Why have we taken a tent if we aren’t planning to use it?” Apparently, it is a lot harder to find a free place to stay outdoors in here than in our homeland, nevertheless, as the clock hitmidnight we had already found something.     It was one of the most fabulous mornings of our journey. Despite the fact that after the night storm our tent was broken and full of water, it was a good fun! After breakfast we set off to check out the surroundings or the area. The lake, which we hadn’t seen in the dark before, planned our time for us. We are going to stay here and allow ourselves to rest from the hustle and bustle of civilisation and people. Once we regain our energy, we are going to finish this spectacular journey throughout Germany.       This is a video from our campsite:   Tomas: “We are lacking 20 hours of sleep.“ Simonas: “You can send off a human to the city, but you can’t kick the nature out of him.” Dmitrij: “A rested body and a rested soul strengthen the motivation to move forward.“   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
take overt he world, journey, europe, leafy dream, intellectual mustaches, gift, items, jewelry organizer, jewlry holder, earring tree, earring holder, earring organizer, cup coasters, Tomas Kulita, jauku, jaukudesign, Dmitrij Juvko, Simonas, Urbonas, Saimis, souvenirs, take over the world in 100 days, 100 days.In the morning we visited three more shops, that are proudly going to sell our jewelry trees and intellectual mustache, thus, mission “Berlin“ is successfully completed. We managed to achieve everything we planned for, plus even a little bit more. Tomas wanted to share our story of luck with others, so thanks to his loud voice, a descent group of people gathered to listen to us. Just like that they also became a part of our project.     After lunch our friends “Erfinderhaus“ let us feel like real humans. We got our own cabinet, Internet connection and – to our surprise – a coffee machine! As if this wasn’t enough, we also got a check of 200 euros for our trip through the rest of Germany. Thank You! Now, we have to leave Berlin, though after such days as these, I will really miss it… Tomas will miss it too.     The day had gone by in an eye blink, and we only had coffee in our stomachs. Before our journey to Hamburg we needed something more fulfilling. A local kebab place called King Kong Kebab drew our attention. While our food was being made, we chatted with the King Kong’s chef Ekrem. I don’t know if people just like what we do, maybe they are trying to support us, or maybe they think we’re poor, but this time, again, we ate for a Thank You! Ekrem didn’t even want to advertise saying: “Why should we try to make money out of doing good things? Good luck, you madmen.“ Auf Wiedersehen…     Tomas: “Everything is possible“ Simonas: “Are we Madmen?...“ Dmitrij: “Peace of a soul is the key which opens every door.“   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
What an awesome morning. All day is ahead of us, perfectly planned, and the most important thing is that we have been invited to one of the most popular youth radios in Berlin – FluxFM. We said bye to Julija and Michael and again, Thank You so much, guys!     Everywhere we went we met happy positive people. Today we were able to make quite a few partner stores – they willingly joined our project, thus, this amazing friendship with Berlin sets a very good mood for our future steps. We managed to earn enough to even let ourselves have a little feast in a park, moreover, we were able to start planning our further journey to the always cheerful Netherlands. Three other German cities left in our itinerary are just a good practice and an extra wage for spreading our project’s “Take over the World in 100 Days“ ideas.     The end of a day – radio station FluxFM. It was a good adventure and a slight stress, because such an experience – being on air – is not something we usually do, especially when it’s in a foreign country. Nevertheless, everything went almost perfectly. You can listen to what Germans heard here:     We had a pleasant evening walk round Berlin, slept in a new place at Laura’s; tomorrow we’re meeting our best friends in Germany “Erfinderhaus“ and then, finally, we’re going to dot the i’s and leave this beautiful “rave“ city.     Tomas: “Whatever you do, do it purposely.“ Simonas: “Growing belief is parallel to a positive progression.“ Dmitrij: “You are the only one who can prevent yourself from reaching your goal.“   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
The morning after a very short night was uneasy, but after a quick exercise we saw everything in brighter colors. In order to fully wake up, we decided to grab a coffee in some place with free wi-fi. It’s amazing how people are positive about joining our project, thus, we didn’t have to look for long and here we were, working with free coffees.     After our wonderful drinks (everything’s tasty when it’s free), we set off to the store hunt again. The first problem we encountered was parking our car. In Berlin it usually costs no less than 2 euros per hour, which is way too much with our budget. However, we managed to “layout” a document, which allowed us to stay wherever we wanted for free – the problem was solved, at least for the first day. With this paper we actually must have saved quite a few hundreds. Another problem, a more serious one, was not being able to find any of the store owners in Berlin. Shop assistants were only able to give us their contacts, so after many unsuccessful attempts to reach the bosses, we still have no German stores supporting us in the project…     Tomas started getting a bit anxious, nevertheless, my suggestion to try and sell our products in a bit more laid off manner gave really good results. We found a nice place in the city, constructed a table, put our products on it and started the show. We sold the first item after 5 minutes of our “opening“, and then we sold another one and then another one… We finished our fun time with Tomas’s song that earned us another 2 euros. Therefore, we’re definitely not going to die of hunger.     Julija must have felt sorry for us, so she gave us sausages, vegetables and cheese to complement our buckwheat lunch (or dinner, actually). We were full and happy. Now, towards the evening we feel some kind of an emotional upswing as we have 4 meetings planned for tomorrow – Berlin will hear who WE are!     Tomas: “Hardships are a test. Who could possibly be mad at a test? J“ Simonas: “After today’s experience I introduce a new term to the world – Social Business. J “ Dmitrij: “Who if not us? When if not now?“   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
We let ourselves sleep a bit more to revive our bodies. A healthy body holds a healthy soul, thus, we decided it’s really necessary to exercise in the mornings. We packed out bags and set off to the last meetings in Poland. As luck would have it, we tripled our initial goal to sell our goods in one store!     So, we’ve planted our flag in Warsaw!!! To try and be even more successful, we took a chance and went to one of the most popular men’s magazines in Poland “MALEMEN“. Our project blew the chief editor away, therefore, our smiles should appear in the next month’s issue. I didn’t expect that much from our neighbours – it’s amazing! We said bye to Agata and continued our trip to Germany.     Going 600 kilometers by paid roads was a real pleasure as the stops were very comfortable and literally made us smile. We had a serious meal halfway this long distance as it wasn’t clear when we would get another chance to get some food.     I guess Polish policemen love our car… As we were crossing Poland - Germany border they overtook us with all the flashing lights. After an easy rummage they let us leave their country. They were overwhelmed by how well a true Lithuanian -Tomas Kulita - chattered in Polish. “We are like brothers, – Tomas said – and brothers should understand each other.“ Our eyelids were getting heavy, but I remembered Aiste Lasyte had given me “Be jokių E“ CD by Liūdni Slibinai (Thank You!).  We sang along throughout our journey till we reached Berlin at 3am. Though it was late, we were greeted by Julija and her friend Michael. They have such a lovely cozy place, that we fell asleep straight after dropping down our bags. Tomorrow there are new people, new stores, new “conquering strategies” waiting for us.     Tomas: “Do something good today, so that after 10 years you won’t have to say you could have done better“. Simonas: “Positivity is infectious“. Dmitrij: “Let’s raise the sails, wind will appear on it’s own“.   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
Day 2
Wonderful 4 hour sleep during a wild hurricane. As soon as we got up we received a call from LRT radio station. After the debut interview on air, we got even more excited about “conquering“ Warsaw and going further to Germany. We searched for stores that might want to join our project online, however, after trying to find them in real life, we got disappointed – hardly any of them still exist. I guess Poland is strongly affected by the Euro crisis. We had to throw our list away and search for suitable stores as we went by.     Warsaw has probably the most complicated roundabout with 5 separate traffic lights. To pass it, you have to have loads of patience and perfect driving skills. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it, and as we temporarily suspended the city’s tram, uniformed guardian angels appeared to greet us… For the first time I was very glad that Tomas speaks polish fluently, thus, Warsaw’s policemen had to listen to our whole dream story. Fortunately, after that they decided to join the project by not punishing us. This time we didn’t have to leave any gifts. Thanks to Witold and Artur for common understanding.        “SUPER!“ – Tomas exclaimed after talking to the manager of the first successful store. We’ve got one, which means we can now move forward. Though we still have 2 more days planned in Poland, we don’t need it. Tomorrow we’ve a few more meetings and then the journey continues - to Germany!       In Lithuania, Dmitrij has started to search for potential partners, that would want to join our army and our historical “conquering“ mission. He’s probably trying to outrun as, cuz he’s already got 2 countries – Estonia and the US – in his account.   If You have a store and would like to join our project, write us and we’ll visit you!         Tomas: “Think that there’s no force that could stop You.“ Simonas: “Living is like playing a video game - you can always press PLAY AGAIN… unless you are dead or not willing to play any more…" Dmitrij: ”As you “play“, you don’t see the unnecessary “walls”."   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
Day 1
The plan to leave our homeland and set off to a journey of a lifetime got a bit late, and the main reasons for that were a few technical corruptions at the very last minutes before the START. Broken PC, two punctured tires showed signs which should have made us delay our trip, however, you won’t believe it, it actually made us even more eager to go. We might as well have had all 4 punctured tires. Anyway, due to this and a few other distractions, we had to deviate from the plan. Now I can get the student, who’s always lacking one more night.       Near the border of Poland we were cheerfully greeted by a customs officers couple who were obviously celebrating something. There was a strong smell coming from the man’s mouth, and his lady colegue had hard time approaching our car. Once the order to open our truck had been given, one officer started tearing off our jewelry tree box. He probably wanted to find something interesting... or give the tree to his partner. We had to explain where, why and how we were traveling, but after giving the tree as a gift, we were saw off with smiles and regards to “take” Warsaw.     We reached the city at 3am, where we met Agata - an old friend of Tomas. She greeted, bathed and bedded us. Thank You, Agata :)     We didn’t buy anything, didn’t stop anywhere apart from bus stops or random demand stops. Thus, as we have 99 days left to finish our ‘Conquer the world in 100 days’ project, we haven’t spent a cent.   Tomas: "As terrifying as it may seem, we’re taking the first step" Simonas Saimis: "I hope there’s a bunch of fun awkward situations waiting for us in the future" Dmitrij: "As emotion is knocking on the door, logic jumps out through the window"   Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]
It is not enough only to dream. You need to do a lot of wor when it becomes a reality. It required a lot of strength because when you are developing the plans, you often face many different opinions. Sometimes you feel that you want to quit but then calm down yourself and understand that you do not want to stay in the same place and want to move towards a dream. We want to do what nobody did not ever do. If we find a solution at the same time when we find a problem, we immediately reject that idea because it means that idea is predictable and not original.       So we decided to stand in the two groups. In Lithuania stays Dmitrij Juvko and with the team and phone are trying to take over the faraway lands which can not reach by car. At the same time, I and Tomas started to get ready for our summer Europe trip. We made the "mountains" of our products which have to replace our sleep, food and entertainment. We decided to start the trip with the full tank of fuel and 1 euro per day. In order to come out of our comfort zone and become more motivated, we refused cash and decided to stay in a country as long as our products find a place in local stores.   If you want to join us and go together, we will become very happy :) We say "thank you" to "Adatyte" for the warm clothes, to "" team for a peace of fat and homemade bread. Thank you, Ieva, for a food box the first days and to those who believe us and those, who do not believe, because they are motivating us :) Also we thank to Marina for help in design improving and in advance to those who will host us in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium...      Do you want to take over the world together? Tomas: "I think that a lot of fun challenges are waiting for us and it will change each of us". Simonas: "If at first you will know how to travel, you will never reach the imaginary goal." Dmitrij: "Do not you know how to do this? Ask yourself a question and set the goals." Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]


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