We decided to wake up very early in the morning, because in order to share our adventures with You, reply to all of the received e-mails and plan our temporary future home during our journey we have to find the Internet connection. It appears to be a rather difficult task, thus, while the whole city was starting to wake up, we were trying to find Wi-Fi.
We spent the whole day going from one side of the city to another, unfortunately we weren’t able to sell anything. We simply worked for the work’s sake…
“A woman has just fallen down!” – I heard Tomas shouting so I rushed to where he was.  We helped her stand up, called the ambulance and stayed until the woman was in the medics’ hands. Afterwards we felt some kind of inner peace – we’ve just done a good thing for a person, the destiny will most likely reward us in one way or another. Sooner or later.
We regained our good mood after an evening walk round the city because then Hamburg was at its most beautiful colorful self. I’d call it the city of music, cause wherever you go, you’ll hear street musicians entertaining passers-by or the people in the cafes. I hope tomorrow will be better and we won’t have to see one finger combo in every store… :D And now we are going back to Julio’s to have dinner, rest and prepare for tomorrow’s conquering plans.
Tomas: “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, the number of times you rise up should always be bigger by one.“
Simonas: “Because for good, always good.“
Dmitrij: “Don’t worry what other think about you.“

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]