Hamburg greeted us in a very reserved way. It was quiet and peaceful everywhere around. Every single store and the majority of cafes were already closed. Therefore, our plan for the day cleared on its own – we should find wi-fi and prepare for tomorrow. Thus, we simply found a secluded corner to work at in one of the most popular cafes in the world.
We had already got used to working, socializing, chatting all the time so as we were spending a day in a city, we couldn’t allow ourselves to do nothing. We took out our table and started wandering through the evening Hamburg center trying to find people to enlighten with our project ideas. 1 additional euro, the intellectual coasters sold to an Australian family and a final we hadn’t expected at all. One Indian noticed our troubled and starved expressions, so he brought us 3 sandwiches from his café (the third was probably for Dmitrij, we promise to bring it to him). What is more, we have an invitation for tomorrow’s lunch and refreshments.
After a really fun time at the city’s market, we set off to our Couchsurfing host Julio Aranda. A cheerful guy – he is dance teacher, choreograph and eventmanager – treated us with coffee and let us settle for a night in his dance studio. Neither me nor Tomas had ever slept in such a huge bedroom…
Dmitrij Juvko isn’t sleeping back home and thus, he has Estonia, the US, Norway and Japan in his list. Add our “conquered“ Poland, Germany and of course our Lithuania and here we have the list to be proud of! 8 days after our start and we have 63 countries out of 70 waiting to join our project. Only we could stop ourselves!
Tomas: “Step out of your comfort zone and tear it off yourself.“
Simonas: “No one will stop the belief of a running train.“
Dmitrij: “Everyday gives new waves of optimism.“ J
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]