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Berlin – Hamburg 300km. We were going to Hamburg although in there we didn’t have any place to stay. We didn’t have anything to lose at the same time, so we just simply went off the highway and let ourselves go where the road lead us. Beautiful towns, nature, fog – we were far away from the concrete jungle of the city. I though “Why have we taken a tent if we aren’t planning to use it?” Apparently, it is a lot harder to find a free place to stay outdoors in here than in our homeland, nevertheless, as the clock hitmidnight we had already found something.
It was one of the most fabulous mornings of our journey. Despite the fact that after the night storm our tent was broken and full of water, it was a good fun! After breakfast we set off to check out the surroundings or the area. The lake, which we hadn’t seen in the dark before, planned our time for us. We are going to stay here and allow ourselves to rest from the hustle and bustle of civilisation and people. Once we regain our energy, we are going to finish this spectacular journey throughout Germany.
Tomas: “We are lacking 20 hours of sleep.“
Simonas: “You can send off a human to the city, but you can’t kick the nature out of him.”
Dmitrij: “A rested body and a rested soul strengthen the motivation to move forward.“
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]