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In the morning we visited three more shops, that are proudly going to sell our jewelry trees and intellectual mustache, thus, mission “Berlin“ is successfully completed. We managed to achieve everything we planned for, plus even a little bit more. Tomas wanted to share our story of luck with others, so thanks to his loud voice, a descent group of people gathered to listen to us. Just like that they also became a part of our project.
After lunch our friends “Erfinderhaus“ let us feel like real humans. We got our own cabinet, Internet connection and – to our surprise – a coffee machine! As if this wasn’t enough, we also got a check of 200 euros for our trip through the rest of Germany. Thank You! Now, we have to leave Berlin, though after such days as these, I will really miss it… Tomas will miss it too.
The day had gone by in an eye blink, and we only had coffee in our stomachs. Before our journey to Hamburg we needed something more fulfilling. A local kebab place called King Kong Kebab drew our attention. While our food was being made, we chatted with the King Kong’s chef Ekrem. I don’t know if people just like what we do, maybe they are trying to support us, or maybe they think we’re poor, but this time, again, we ate for a Thank You! Ekrem didn’t even want to advertise saying: “Why should we try to make money out of doing good things? Good luck, you madmen.“ Auf Wiedersehen…
Tomas: “Everything is possible“
Simonas: “Are we Madmen?...“
Dmitrij: “Peace of a soul is the key which opens every door.“
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]