The morning after a very short night was uneasy, but after a quick exercise we saw everything in brighter colors. In order to fully wake up, we decided to grab a coffee in some place with free wi-fi. It’s amazing how people are positive about joining our project, thus, we didn’t have to look for long and here we were, working with free coffees.
After our wonderful drinks (everything’s tasty when it’s free), we set off to the store hunt again. The first problem we encountered was parking our car. In Berlin it usually costs no less than 2 euros per hour, which is way too much with our budget. However, we managed to “layout” a document, which allowed us to stay wherever we wanted for free – the problem was solved, at least for the first day. With this paper we actually must have saved quite a few hundreds. Another problem, a more serious one, was not being able to find any of the store owners in Berlin. Shop assistants were only able to give us their contacts, so after many unsuccessful attempts to reach the bosses, we still have no German stores supporting us in the project…
Tomas started getting a bit anxious, nevertheless, my suggestion to try and sell our products in a bit more laid off manner gave really good results. We found a nice place in the city, constructed a table, put our products on it and started the show. We sold the first item after 5 minutes of our “opening“, and then we sold another one and then another one… We finished our fun time with Tomas’s song that earned us another 2 euros. Therefore, we’re definitely not going to die of hunger.
Julija must have felt sorry for us, so she gave us sausages, vegetables and cheese to complement our buckwheat lunch (or dinner, actually). We were full and happy. Now, towards the evening we feel some kind of an emotional upswing as we have 4 meetings planned for tomorrow – Berlin will hear who WE are!
Tomas: “Hardships are a test. Who could possibly be mad at a test? J“
Simonas: “After today’s experience I introduce a new term to the world – Social Business. J “
Dmitrij: “Who if not us? When if not now?“
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]