Day 42 The other Bratislava
Once upon a time I have seen a movie. Actually, there is nothing to hide- the movie was “Eurotrip”. The situation of those young people was just like ours – they had no money but had to travel. And when they have entered the Bratislava they realized one dollar here means being oligarch. Unfortunately, will all disappointment I have to state Bratislava has covered its soviet treasures long time ago and now is a beauty and even has euro. :)
With every visited city the home gets closed so we are trying to make everything faster. In Bratislava we will have to spend two days because on Sundays nobody works here and the town looks like about to extinct. Unfortunately Monday was also not productive, we had no shop on the list so decided to save time and travel towards Prague.  Along the way we found wild place, which will probably be the last in this long journey.
Tomas: "Wishes come true, you only need to book them properly"
Simonas: "Longing for Home interlinked into sadness at the end of the trip"
Dmirtij: "Drink water from a "source" rather than "sparkling lemonade ... "
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]