DAY 40 Conquered city
All day we went sightseeing Budapest. We really wanted to make our day THE day and shine it twice as the previous day was spent in hotel. Of course, we were in pace as the town is not only to be seen, the shops are waiting to be discovered and contribute in our project as well. 34 degrees were not very convenient.
We went all across the city and even suburbs, but couldn’t find any shop. Although, there were several contacts outside the city, so the spirit and hope was still here and smiles on our faces. But this was before we found our cars with blocked wheel. Indeed, not some little printed out fine to pay somewhere around windscreen, the blocked wheel. This meant we will have to pay it immediately. With this 50 euro fine the total amount it now more then 1250 litas – lets hope this will not make it to home.
As we expected, the last shop we visited contributed to the project and Hungary is now under the “taken over” list. Lets get proper sleep and hit Bratislava..
Tomas: "healthy body healthy mind"
Simonas: ”pace"
Dmitrij: "If you want to be the best one you have to behave as the best one.."
Best Regards, Simonas [Saimis]