We let ourselves sleep a bit more to revive our bodies. A healthy body holds a healthy soul, thus, we decided it’s really necessary to exercise in the mornings. We packed out bags and set off to the last meetings in Poland. As luck would have it, we tripled our initial goal to sell our goods in one store!
So, we’ve planted our flag in Warsaw!!! To try and be even more successful, we took a chance and went to one of the most popular men’s magazines in Poland “MALEMEN“. Our project blew the chief editor away, therefore, our smiles should appear in the next month’s issue. I didn’t expect that much from our neighbours – it’s amazing! We said bye to Agata and continued our trip to Germany.
Going 600 kilometers by paid roads was a real pleasure as the stops were very comfortable and literally made us smile. We had a serious meal halfway this long distance as it wasn’t clear when we would get another chance to get some food.
I guess Polish policemen love our car… As we were crossing Poland - Germany border they overtook us with all the flashing lights. After an easy rummage they let us leave their country. They were overwhelmed by how well a true Lithuanian -Tomas Kulita - chattered in Polish. “We are like brothers, – Tomas said – and brothers should understand each other.“ Our eyelids were getting heavy, but I remembered Aiste Lasyte had given me “Be jokių E“ CD by Liūdni Slibinai (Thank You!).  We sang along throughout our journey till we reached Berlin at 3am. Though it was late, we were greeted by Julija and her friend Michael. They have such a lovely cozy place, that we fell asleep straight after dropping down our bags. Tomorrow there are new people, new stores, new “conquering strategies” waiting for us.
Tomas: “Do something good today, so that after 10 years you won’t have to say you could have done better“.
Simonas: “Positivity is infectious“.
Dmitrij: “Let’s raise the sails, wind will appear on it’s own“.
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]