Before we left Vienna, we got a letter from Tomas friend Nora. She sent us some great news from Hungary. Thanks to her help, the first hotel of our journey is happy to welcome us and we will be able to stay there. :)
We were driving uneconomically fast and reached Budapest in the evening. We entered through the “Viktorija Hotel” door with our royal smiles.:) Had a chat with a manager, who let us stay as long as we need and suggested us to visit Budapest next month and see the “Szigest Festival Budapest 2013”. We already missed almost all of the festivals in Lithuania, so guess we will think about it.:)
Morning has welcomed us with the ordered call – time for breakfast.:) Royally full, we decided to spend the day in a hotel room. As the midway point of the project is getting near very soon, we must have our plans and strategies clear and tidy.
Using nowadays technology advantages we were working online with Dmitrij Javko, planning the next steps of taking over the world.
After the whole day spent with computer I got my head “blown off”. I guess this photo shows it all. :D
Tomas: “What more a person needs.:)”
Simonas: “Comfort + Productivity = Productive comfort.:)”
Dmitrij: “No matter how bad the situation is, you can always find a small “plus”.”
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]