After a few days by the lake, sunburned bodies were driving last few hundred kilometers to Vienna. And guess how long we’ve been driving? 6,5 hours, because of the traffic jam. Strange thing is that the middle road lane was free, probably left for special services, because when we tried to get on it, other drivers were blocking us and hundreds of cars were beeping at us. Ok, we got it….And the funny thing is, after long time suffering in the car, traffic jam disappeared with no reason.:)
We reached Vienna in the late evening. We would like to thank Mario for his warm welcome and his mother for buying us food and giving us freedom for moving forward.:) Plan of the next day – to connect with at least one shop and get familiar with the city. Sadly, I was getting familiar with my bed, because after long sunbathing by the lake I got a small heat shock, so all I could do is walk to WC.:) At that moment Tomas found shop that joined our project. We decided to spend a few days here, because it was too hard for me to move.
Next day began like a new life. It felt like everything changed overnight and I was in a hurry to get familiar with the city. I wanted to see everything because I visited Vienna 10 years ago. It made me feel so old. :D
In short, city is beautiful, goals were achieved and we didn’t get mad even after another parking ticked for the parking by the house.:) Another night in Vienna and the next stop – Hungary, Budapest.
Tomas: “I let my ordered thought go and it brings me toward the aim.”
Simonas: “Newly born.:)”
Dmitrij: “Persistence and faith…”
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]