We stopped in Munich to post our blog and earn some money, as we knew it is possible in Germany.:) While I was posting our blog and replying few emails, Tomas got back with results of opened shop and some cash for us to move on.
On our way to Vienna we passed three gorgeous lakes surrounded by nature, so we were assured of finding a “free stop”. For the next one hour we couldn’t find anything suitable for us because all the right sides of the lakes were surrounded by luxurious homes. But we didn’t get sad – we still had some time.:) Later we saw a big tent camp with the music playing loud, so we thought the evening’s going to be fun after all. We drove to the raving young people group, gave them a bottle of Lithuanian “good mood giving” drink, but in response we got nothing. Then we met a scout camp, where we spent one hour but all we could hear is that only scouts can stay here and no strangers allowed on the whole hectare size territory. Finally we stopped in the woods, but it wasn’t an end for our adventures. Someone called the police and they even asked us to delete all the town photos when I tried to take picture of them, so I had no choice. We lost our hope after 5 hours of searching and decided to pay for the camping zone, but it wasn’t that easy too. Most of the camping zones don’t like to accept foreigners, but as we say in Lithuania – sufferers will get to the sky.:) After long time of wandering around we accidently found a great camping zone with a nice owner who bought our products and gave us opportunity to stay for two nights without spending those few hundred litas.:) There is no bad, that couldn’t become good.:)
Tomas: “Mad, tired, hungry and irritable.”
Simonas: “If you will give in to the bad influence of surrounding – you will stop.”
Dmitrij: “Team spirit – step Nr. 1”
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]