On our way from Milan to Liechtenstein we found one of the most beautiful and calm place to stay for the night. Weather was great and the views were so charming we took our time to relax and enjoy the peace. We built our tent and were getting ready to go to sleep, when suddenly the magic started to happen in the woods. Some small insects and we mean thousands of insects were flying in the air emitting flashing colors. Whole forest was flashing and looked like it was dyed with the blue blinking. It was unbelievable but the strong wind came up with this miracle which turned into the strongest storm we have ever seen. Storm took our tent up to the tree tops and all we could do is enjoy the fireballs and ice knocking on our car windows. As the result – night in the vehicle, totally torn tent and blown up mattress.
Morning was sunny again and 50 kilometers left to Liechtenstein we knew nothing about. Amazing views and winter entertainment on our way to elf size country made us feel great. :)
Now I can say that this place is perfect for rest and peace, but we couldn’t find any spot with internet and I’m not even talking about gift and design shops, there is no need for them here. :) It didn’t take much time, only one hour to walk the whole capital of Liechtenstein. Gorgeous. But not our place. :) We’re leaving this city for tourist and moving forward to “take over” Austria.
Before going to Austria Interview to journalist :)
Tomas: “Something special you can’t even convey.”
Simonas: “I visited “Avatar” country.”
Dmitrij: “Team spirit – step Nr. 1.”
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]