JAUKUMilan - city of motor vehicles and beautiful, stylish people. Of course it is no relief to us, because our only goal is to make some money and move forward. After vacation in Monaco we feel a bit like “beggars”. :)
To save our time we split into two teams. I took a journey to downtown and around it, and Tomas was searching for partners. My results of the day: seen the city, took a few photos, 14 kilometers by foot and a great time spent. First time in a while I felt like a tourist. :)
Tomas results were much more beneficial than mine. :) I could see his smile from afar. :) - “Got it!” We found very strong partner “LOVEThESIGN” who will be responsible for our advertising and products in the whole Italy. They gave us freedom to move forward. :) Thank you! Next stop - elf size country Liechtenstein.
Tomas: “Feels like new revival.”
Simonas: “City can get beautiful because of beautiful people.:)”
Dmitrij: “Persistence and faith…”
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]