Wonderful 4 hour sleep during a wild hurricane. As soon as we got up we received a call from LRT radio station. After the debut interview on air, we got even more excited about “conquering“ Warsaw and going further to Germany. We searched for stores that might want to join our project online, however, after trying to find them in real life, we got disappointed – hardly any of them still exist. I guess Poland is strongly affected by the Euro crisis. We had to throw our list away and search for suitable stores as we went by.
Warsaw has probably the most complicated roundabout with 5 separate traffic lights. To pass it, you have to have loads of patience and perfect driving skills. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it, and as we temporarily suspended the city’s tram, uniformed guardian angels appeared to greet us… For the first time I was very glad that Tomas speaks polish fluently, thus, Warsaw’s policemen had to listen to our whole dream story. Fortunately, after that they decided to join the project by not punishing us. This time we didn’t have to leave any gifts. Thanks to Witold and Artur for common understanding.
“SUPER!“ – Tomas exclaimed after talking to the manager of the first successful store. We’ve got one, which means we can now move forward. Though we still have 2 more days planned in Poland, we don’t need it. Tomorrow we’ve a few more meetings and then the journey continues - to Germany!
In Lithuania, Dmitrij has started to search for potential partners, that would want to join our army and our historical “conquering“ mission. He’s probably trying to outrun as, cuz he’s already got 2 countries – Estonia and the US – in his account.
If You have a store and would like to join our project, write us and we’ll visit you!
Tomas: “Think that there’s no force that could stop You.“
Simonas: “Living is like playing a video game - you can always press PLAY AGAIN… unless you are dead or not willing to play any more…"
Dmitrij: ”As you “play“, you don’t see the unnecessary “walls”."
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]