3 days of “doing nothing” passed by quickly. :) Time flies so fast and much more countries are left to visit, so we packed our stuff as soon as we woke up and moved straight ahead to the capital of fashion – Milan. We couldn’t use toll roads because all our earned money was sent to Lithuania before vacation and we only left us some money to be enough for the next two countries, but….. Monaco is not a cheap city. ;)
Trying to save money we decided to find our home in nature, so half of our day was spent driving outside of Milan in search of beautiful place. We found a few places that could seduce us i.e. under the freeway bridge or long-abandoned house the “Ghost house”, or in the woods with wild animals and birds. :)
Final decision was made – spend our all money for the camping zone in Milan and tomorrow, dead or alive we must to find a shop, sell our products and move forward…
Tomas: “We can’t let ourselves feel comfortable.”
Simonas: “Same as Monday, days after vacation aren’t easy. J”
Dmirtij: "There are no elevators to success, You always need to use stairs"
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]