The morning made us choke ambiguously. Firstly, because we woke up at 2 kilometres height looking into blue-as-the-sky lake, and secondly, because at 5am we were raised not by an alarm clock, but by the freezing cold of the air. Of course, we couldn't call 7 degrees celsius freezing cold, but our arms and legs said an absolutely different thing. :) Never mind though, I had never even dreamed of such spectacular scenery. :)

There was another six-hour drive left to Monaco, crossing France, Italy and then again France and Italy lands. :) One stop for full breakfast, or maybe lunch, and then a journey to where it's hot. :) As I had planned, we hung the rain cloud somewhere between the mountains and so we were driving with smiles towards the shining sun. :)

We reached the luxurious Monaco in an early evening so we took time and made my old dream come true - we drove through the Formula-1 route. :) It was beautiful, warm and we only had one problem - where to stay, but we're going to leave it for the night and now - a nap at the beach. :) It's the halfway of this journey, thus I think no one would get mad for a few days rest. :)

Tomas: "The nature - it was all that I needed."
Simonas: ”Not to rest would be a sin.“
Dmirtij: "Make the dream your lifestyle."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]