The morning - again - greeted us with rain, but it didn't upset us, because it's almost always like that. :) It seems as if we're going through the world with the same cloud above our heads. Maybe when we're crossing the mountains, it will get stuck behind some peek and we'll be able to get away from it... "A letter from Germany!!!" - Tomas' voice echoed throughout all Geneve. We received the biggest order so far. :) We rushed out to the city with wide smiles all over our faces to find luck again. The first "lucky" moment reached us near the car. A FINE - 120 franks, it's around 100 euros - simply made us lively. "We'll work it off", - I said. :)
Our plan for the day was to find one store and drive forward. We did as we had said. We opened!!! A great day, great mood, an emotional upswing and a willingness to move (only) forward, to Monaco. Although the navigation showed only 520 kilometres distance, our journey lasted 12 hours as we tried to avoid paid roads. We traveled by a wonderful route, tossed some snow at each other, enjoyed some really breathtaking mountain peeks until it got completely dark. We decided to risk it and build the tent wherever it seemed comfortable. :) The morning will show if it was a wise idea. :)
Tomas: "As the time goes by I get to understand the saying "here and now" more and more."
Simonas: ”Finally something new, it's like the first time. :D“
Dmirtij: "Always have a motor when there's no wind."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]