DAY 20 - 21 Luxemburg
The morning. Arnas' breakfast. A goodbye to Brussels and a journey to Luxemburg - a small country surrounded like and "island" by the big European countries. It was interesting, as none of us had ever been here or knew anything about it. :) At least we were calm, because here Aleksandra was waiting for us, so we could hear some interesting things about the place from her and her flatmates. :) We were greeted extra-ordinarily, we felt as if we were in a high class hotel, this is even difficult to narrate. :) The city centre, gourmet dishes, wine and king beds...this got Tomas so dizzy and high spirited that he decided to end our journey here... Probably, the delusion came from exhaustion and nostalgia. :)
The sun was shining through the window, thus, our morning mood was splendid. We sent the translated letters to the french store owners and set off to our working day in Luxemburg. :) Yes, the city is fantastical, but the beauty was ruined for us by the fact that we could not find a single store to sell our goods at - all the owners were on vacation as though they all went together... And a national law - you cannot take pictures of people around here - restricted us very much too. I was actually threatened with calling the police by a few people and, thus, had to delete the taken media data.
Finally, we discovered one store in here with its owner in. He spoke in english and he like the project, but...he simply didn't want to buy anything from us. Therefore, we had to do something different - we just left the jewelry tree and some mustache coasters for him to sell and this way we made a new partner. :) We know, next week they are going to call and ask for an additional order. :) I really hope life would beam in colours in Geneve further on our journey though. :)
Tomas: "It's good to remember the civilised world."
Simonas: ”Critique is like a disgusting food that's easy to give out, but very unpleasant to eat... “
Dmirtij: "The project is starting just now."
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]