The plan to leave our homeland and set off to a journey of a lifetime got a bit late, and the main reasons for that were a few technical corruptions at the very last minutes before the START. Broken PC, two punctured tires showed signs which should have made us delay our trip, however, you won’t believe it, it actually made us even more eager to go. We might as well have had all 4 punctured tires. Anyway, due to this and a few other distractions, we had to deviate from the plan. Now I can get the student, who’s always lacking one more night.
Near the border of Poland we were cheerfully greeted by a customs officers couple who were obviously celebrating something. There was a strong smell coming from the man’s mouth, and his lady colegue had hard time approaching our car. Once the order to open our truck had been given, one officer started tearing off our jewelry tree box. He probably wanted to find something interesting... or give the tree to his partner. We had to explain where, why and how we were traveling, but after giving the tree as a gift, we were saw off with smiles and regards to “take” Warsaw.
We reached the city at 3am, where we met Agata - an old friend of Tomas. She greeted, bathed and bedded us. Thank You, Agata :)
We didn’t buy anything, didn’t stop anywhere apart from bus stops or random demand stops. Thus, as we have 99 days left to finish our ‘Conquer the world in 100 days’ project, we haven’t spent a cent.
Tomas: "As terrifying as it may seem, we’re taking the first step"
Simonas Saimis: "I hope there’s a bunch of fun awkward situations waiting for us in the future"
Dmitrij: "As emotion is knocking on the door, logic jumps out through the window"
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]