We left Brussels in an early morning as we really wanted to do as much as possible this day and find many new stores. Nevertheless, we found only 3 stores that could possibly sell our products. Luckily, the store owners were all in, but...none of them spoke english, so our story became pointless and the only thing we could do was taking down their contacts. In the evening we were planning to compose a few french letters using some translation tools and send the texts to the owners, maybe that would appear useful...
It would have been a loss not to to have sold anything, thus, we set up a table to sell our stuff on the street as usually, though during the rain this time. :) This way of selling our goods always gets us money at least for fuel and bakery. :) Tomas was selling things while I was looking around the city centre searching for the stores. We earned three contacts plus money for the fuel and biscuits. :) A small victory! This victory almost slipped through our fingers when I saw that we were almost getting fined for wrong parking. However, my huge smile made the officer uncomfortable, so she just took off the receipt from our car and went away to fine others. :)
Our thoughts were severely concentrated on how we were going to spend the night when suddenly we received a phone call from an old friend Mindaugas Kemzūra, who lead us to very good people from Brussels and offered us to stay at their place. We went back to Belgium, and it was the best thing that could have happened this day. :) Paulius and Arnas were very welcoming, they fed us, let us rest and then later in the evening they took us out to one of their friend Agne's birthday party. It was both fun and strange, as throughout the past 3 weeks we hadn't been out and about that much. :) Paulius troubled to make our upcoming nights comfortable, so now we're calm, because we already have some places to stay in Luxemburg and Switzerland. :) Thank you again, guys. :)
Tomas: "It's so nice when you are taken care of."
Simonas: ”If you understand that everything changes, you won't attach to anything. If you are not afraid to die, there's nothing you couldn't achieve.“
Dmirtij: "Restart."
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]