I woke up from a doorbell - a nicely packed present was waiting for me. :) The first congraturalion from Lithuania and a reminder that I had aged one more year. :) This doesn't matter, what matters is not being forgotten. :) Tomas is persistently seaching for stores and I am using my birthday boy rights to lie in bed and do nothing. We often dream of such days, don't we?

After lunch we allowed ourselves to celebrate a bit, Tomas surprised me with 2 pieces of cake. :) No, I didn't have to blow candles - at this age, I couldn't do it with one breath, but I still made a wish and it came true! :) One store agreed to become our partners, so, although with minimal success, we can cross out Belgium from our list. :)
Tomorrow we are planning to go to Lille, a small town in France, from an early morning. We've on idea if anyone speaks english there, but we are not going to loose hope. :) If we're not going to make it through one day, we'll have to find a place to stay, but the centre of Brussels keeps us calm - if they can sleep in here, we'll be able to do it in the centre of Lille too. :) And if that provokes town's police, it'll be eve more fun, because every adventure in our journey is like a gust of fresh air. :)

Tomas: "Every adventure in a journey strenghtens the friendship."
Simonas: "I AM HAPPY, AREN'T I..? 
Don't bother responding, just DO what you love doing, because the happiest people are THE ONES who don't have the TIME to ask such STUPID questions..."
Dmitrij: "Happy birthday, Simonai! :)"

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]