So, our morning was very bright and very early as we received a phone call from Lithuanian radio station "PowerHitRadio" with Dmitrij on air. After full breakfast there was just one thing on our minds - finding stores to sell our stuff in Brussels. Unfortunately... everything was exactly opposite from what we had hoped for. The whole city was under street constructions, thus, our old navigation system kept guiding us to places where the traffic was forbidden. Therefore, we had to park our car at a far end of the city and trust our inner navigation. :)
Although we managed to find 5 proper stores, they weren't any use for us. Moreover, we were strongly demotivated in each place, so each and every time we had to turn around and just leave. Getting morally exhausted made us feel more and more irritable and angry, thus, we decided to take a break for the rest of the day and try to find the peeing boy. :) There are quite a few similar symbols around the city.
We got really tired after this day, so when we got to our car and saw a man standing next to it, the first thought in our heads was that we were going to get fined. Nevertheless, the guy was just taking a picture and admiring our story. You can imagine what a relief and joy it was for us. :) Navigation showed 5 kilometres to our home, but closed roads and unimaginable traffic jams made this short distance into 1.5 hour long trip. You could shoot yourself, I thought. :) Let a new morning come sooner, a new day, I really hope a productive one, too.
Tomas: "It's important not to believe, but to know you will succeed."
Simonas: "No one can succeed perfectly throughout the whole journey. If we're lucky, we go forward, if not, we have to step a bit backwards. That step is not an important one, because our goal is to move forward, never stop and reach our destination. Floods and tides... This kind of movement is common both to the nature and to the human."
Dmitrij: "We order a thought and we don't let go."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]