We took a break to relax and breath some fresh air halfway to our next city to "conquer". We are spending most of our money in this journey on water and milk, so when we saw a herd of not yet milked cows, an interesting idea popped into our minds... :) Unfortunately, among all those cows, there was also a MALE ox, that made me really anxious - I had to start running away and jump over the fence without any free milk. :)
Finally, we arrived to Belgium. :) Though it's only 200 kilometers from Amsterdam to Brussels, we spent 5 hours travelling, as there were road works all the through. Moreover, when we reached the city, there were long forgotten traffic jams waiting for us. :) It's good to remember Vilnius. :) I understood the saying, that you don't have to boast about doing something good, therefore, for our few overnights in Brussels we can be grateful to some simply good people. :)
After having a night's, well, finally a really good night's sleep, we decided to spend a day indoors. We had many unanswered e-mails from various bloggers, to whom we hadn't had time to reply. There were also loads of photos and videos to sort out and of course we had to prepare for tomorrow's march through the stores. I was also very excited about cooking something more complicated that an easy 15 minute meal. :)
By the way, what we didn't do in Amsterdam was thanking Liƫdni Slibinai for their songs that remind us of Lithuania and don't let us get sad. Thus, here You go, our cover of your single:

Tomas: "I miss working in the office..."
Simonas: "A dream has this feature: it comes true, if you really believe in it."
Dmitrij: "Any change leads to other changes."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]