As the city's clock was hitting midnight we arrived in Amsterdam. We parked our car in the city center and decided to look around the real free city. :) After passing by all the "famous", prominent districts and visiting a small cafe we went back to our car. Despite whether it's a weekend or a weekday, the city celebrates till 3am and then goes to sleep, thus as we had no place to stay, we decided that our car was going to be our roof and beds. :)

The morning was difficult, we felt kind of exhausted after a night in the car. Because the night was not a silent one. Two guys making out on the front side of our car, a scooter hitting our vehicle, wild passers by wondering why we were sleeping in the car and so on...it all prevented us from having a good rest. We were definitely going to find a campsite for tomorrow night. And today we were going to work with our laptops trying to make a plan and a store list for our Amsterdam stay, so that we could move towards Belgium with our heads held high. :)

It's the fourth day of rain (special thanks to "Adatyte", because extremely warm clothes are protecting us), thus camping is probably not the best choice especially with our "tired" tent. :) Nevertheless, in the outskirts of Amsterdam we found a nice small holiday house, so we settled there. Time to rest, do the laundry, eat and set the mood for tomorrow's march through the stores. We were warned that some of them might be closed, because of some national holiday, but that would only mean another day in the Netherlands. :)
After 13 days of our journey:
  • We travelled 2450 kilometers
  • We filled 3 tanks for fuel
  • We found 12 partner stores
  • We contacted 47 stores
  • 63 countries are left to visit ouf of 70
  • We've been to 2 radio stations
  • 15 bloggers around the world wrote about our journey
  • We slept in 8 different places
  • We met many many new people

Tomas: "The city that will change everything..."
Simonas: "Who need Rotterdam, when we're in Amsterdam? :)"
Dmitrij: "Only motivation allows you to aim for the best results."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]