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As I had predicted we left Kiel and started our journey towards Bremen without achieving anything. :) Of course we were going to live somewhere outdoors again, because the cheapest hostel would cost us 45 euros, ant that is just pure luxury. 25 kilometers to Bremen we took a turn from the road and drove beside a serpentine stream, which lead us to yet another magnificent place in Germany. We settled for the night, had dinner, took a swim... :) And then, just as I had predicted:
The morning was damp, but the sun came up soon, so we were able to dry all the soaked clothes from last night. Now we were going to Bremen. First thing in there - the Internet. We barely moved from our car and there we saw an interesting place called "Noon". As it appeared, the place was about to open after a few more days, but we were pleasantly greeted, we were also allowed to use the internet connection and what's more we were given some coffee and pie. :) We became the first customers of this awesome place, thus we didn't have to pay. :) After this, we were off to conquer Bremen, as in the evening there was a journey waiting for us to nowhere else but Amsterdam. :)
Bremen is an interesting city... so to find a suitable store for our products was getting a bit difficult. However, Tomas said a strict "we are not going anywhere until we find something!" I liked it cuz it really cultivated our belief in what we do. After long wanderings, we finally found something exactly right for us. :) Done. Mission "Bremen" is accomplished. :) We found a car, because it was left on the other side of the city, pressed the speed pedal and set off to make it to Amsterdam before the night. :)
Tomas: "Our week long business trip to Germany is over."
Simonas: "You can't blow agains the wind."
Dmitrij: "The important thing is not to betray yourself."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]