We got near the town Kiel in the previous evening, but we chose a lake 20 kilometers away from the place for a night’s stay. We spent quite a few tens of kilometers driving all over the place trying to find a beautiful and most importantly free place outdoors. Unfortunately…there were either private territories, or campsites, or private houses surrounding the lake.
We left our car and just started walking somewhere until completely accidentally we found the most fabulous place that we had been to throughout all of the journey. Neither me nor Tomas had any questions about where we were going to cook dinner, rest and get a good night sleep.  I opened the swimming season. The first jump was unsuccessful, so my leg is now swollen as a brick and thus, the pace of our journey would probably have to slow down a bit. Anyway, it didn’t ruin our evening and we enjoyed the outdoors till the very darkest hour.
The morning was spectacular. The geese and church bells woke us up for a new day and the trip to Kiel. Though it wasn’t unexpected, I actually couldn’t walk. Tomas had to work for both of us – he had to put all the stuff to the car himself. We reached Kiel still in the very early morning, as we were going to spend just one day in this town. In the evening we’d have to appear somewhere near Bremen and try to find another place to stay for the night. By the way, we have already made 1800 kilometers in our journey. Tomas is surfing through the central streets of Kiel trying to find some stores, and I am sitting in a café with my leg stretched forward, observing people enjoying the rain through a window pane.
It would be great if You could help us with some info about where to stay in our upcoming conquering places, such as France, Italy, Luxemburg, Monaco or any other place. Please contact us on Tomas@jauku.lt Thanks!

Tomas demands for some female company :D Maybe that would cheer you up:
Tomas: “While others sleep, we act.“
Simonas: “I understand the saying, like a fifth leg for a dog…“
Dmitrij: “Last jobs before the journey.“
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]