We have no other choice but to find stores for our products. We started the morning with this phrase. And what do you think, the fate started smiling at us. We found all the stores owners at their places, while finding at least one in is rare. So, we were very very lucky. From 4 stores, 3 of them have our products now! Success dance and peace inside our minds… A little more time in front of the laptop and then...freedom.
We spent the rest of the day wandering through the city, which would definitely fascinate even the most experienced traveler. We relaxed in the city’s beach, used the swing in the city’s viewpoint, exchanged our empty journey bottles to money (4 euros 25 cents) and used the earnings to buy some food for our sleepover somewhere near KIEL – a town that we’re going to visit tomorrow. This evening is dedicated to the journey till Kiel and also to finding a nice place to stay for the night.
The big city was sad to see us off. A small cozy farewell party was thrown. Though it was short, we enjoyed it so much and we will never forget seeing all the smiley faces. Bye bye Hamburg!..
Tomas: “Dreams are supposed to come true.“
Simonas: “Yaaaaaaay!“
Dmitrij: “We know our way.“
Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]