It is not enough only to dream. You need to do a lot of wor when it becomes a reality.
It required a lot of strength because when you are developing the plans, you often face many different opinions. Sometimes you feel that you want to quit but then calm down yourself and understand that you do not want to stay in the same place and want to move towards a dream. We want to do what nobody did not ever do. If we find a solution at the same time when we find a problem, we immediately reject that idea because it means that idea is predictable and not original.
So we decided to stand in the two groups. In Lithuania stays Dmitrij Juvko and with the team and phone are trying to take over the faraway lands which can not reach by car. At the same time, I and Tomas started to get ready for our summer Europe trip. We made the "mountains" of our products which have to replace our sleep, food and entertainment. We decided to start the trip with the full tank of fuel and 1 euro per day. In order to come out of our comfort zone and become more motivated, we refused cash and decided to stay in a country as long as our products find a place in local stores.

If you want to join us and go together, we will become very happy :) We say "thank you" to "Adatyte" for the warm clothes, to "Jauku.lt" team for a peace of fat and homemade bread. Thank you, Ieva, for a food box the first days and to those who believe us and those, who do not believe, because they are motivating us :) Also we thank to Marina for help in design improving and in advance to those who will host us in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium... 
Do you want to take over the world together?

Tomas: "I think that a lot of fun challenges are waiting for us and it will change each of us".
Simonas: "If at first you will know how to travel, you will never reach the imaginary goal."
Dmitrij: "Do not you know how to do this? Ask yourself a question and set the goals."

Yours faithfully, Simonas [Saimis]