Payment is a reliable, secure and fast payment collection system for those who want to sell or buy goods and services on the Internet.

How does it work?

  1. Buyer visits merchant‘s e-shop.
  2. Buyer chooses goods/services to pay for.
  3. Redirected to system where chooses the payment type.
  4. Payment is successful and merchant is informed about it.
  5. Merchant delivers goods/services for the buyer.

Service benefits

  • In order to accept payments by all types, it is enough to have only one bank account for the merchant.
  • No registration, monthly or service connection fees, what is very important in starting trade over the internet.
  • Low - cost services.
  • You get all accumulated money to a bank account, so You don't need to manage many income sources. That way You will save Your time and reduce the cost of interbank transfers.
  • For technical connection to our system we offer free prepared payment modules for various CMS, they can be downloaded from our website and installed quickly and easy. They can be found here.
  • You can test the technical connection to our system and see test payments without real payment.
  • One technical connection to our system will connect Your website all the banks, who offer BankLink service. You don't need to connect each bank separately.
  • We always inform buyers and merchants by email about each successful payment.
  • Payments are processed in real-time, Your system is informed within the shortest period of time.
  • Fast customer support service, we answer Your queries in the shortest period of time.

Payment methods

Currently You can pay via internet by:

All over the world:

In Great Britain
In Germany
In Latvia
In Estonia
For more information, please, write us a letter regarding to your inquiries info@jaukudesign.lcom