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In my never-ending quest to be more organized, I make a concerted effort to put things away where they belong or get rid of papers and excess junk before it has a chance to pile up too much around the house.

I'm not making any claims that it's remotely helping, mind you. But at least I'm making the effort, right?

However, recently I've noticed that my main focus tends to always be on the kitchen (I'm pretty sure the counter is magnetic to clutter) or our living and dining rooms. I'm sure my bedroom would be in less disarray if I actually put away my clothes after washing them... and the bathroom? Well, even when I somewhat manage to straighten my toiletries, I find that my jewelry is spread everywhere.

Is it any wonder that I have a hard time finding a particular necklace or pair of earrings when I'm looking for them when everywhere I turn I see pieces spread haphazardly or in random boxes or just plain shoved into a pile or drawer?

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