100 days The world is conquered
We came back from our trip, but there was no time to sit and do nothing. Only half of our planned time left so we had to be productive as much as possible. Tomas and I were spending all our time in the office calling and browsing the internet in search of new partners all over the world. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be, because there are some countries that haven’t been touched by new technologies, have no understanding of invoices or import, not to mention the global languages.:) Our search became quite puzzling.:) Raimonda joined us and gave all her energy and time to help us. Woman was probably the missing element, because using her different logic, everything started to go in the right direction.:) Another team member Dmitrij went to Kazakhstan to meet in person with more than 15 partners who wanted to cooperate with us. Too bad we finished the project without him.
Currently, the last contracts are being signed and on September 14 we will send “Intellectual mustaches” and jewelry trees to remaining countries. For all who believed in us and for all who said it’s impossible, I can officially announce -Jauku|design team has finished the project “Take over the world in 100 days” and finished it with a smile!:) We THANK each and everyone who helped us. Thank you for provided shelter while traveling, thank you for the food, thank you for the contacts, thank you for written articles, BLOGs, thank you for financial support, thank you our family and believers for emotional support, thank you all who didn’t believe us – it was the best motivation to achieve something that seems impossible.:) Thank you technical support for creating the blog, website, sales systems. And of course massive THANKS to all the shops who became our partners:
• Lithuania • Poland • Germany • Belgium • USA • Estonia • Canada • France • Japan • Belarus • The Netherlands • Iceland • Luxembourg • Norway • Liechtenstein • Switzerland • Bulgaria • England • Austria • Russia • Italy • Hungary • The Czech Republic • Spain • Slovakia • Australia • Denmark • Cyprus • Croatia • Argentina • Ukraine • Malta • Monaco • Greece • Portugal • Romania • Sweden • Armenia • Finland • Brazil • Macedonia • Cameroon • Georgia • India • Bahamas • Hong Kong • Madagascar • Serbia • New Zealand • Turkey • Uruguay • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Dominican Republic • South Africa • Cuba • Nigeria • Bolivia • Costa Rica • Senegal • South Korea • Philippines • San Marino • Colombia • Saudi Arabia • Iran • Thailand
• Tunisia • Zimbabwe • Kazakhstan • United Arab Emirates.
We worked very hard and gave all our time during these 100 days, but we gained so much more – invaluable experience, that we would like to share with you. I, Simonas, will be going to the well-earned rest and hopefully more astonishing projects will be born while this vacation. After his trip to Kazakhstan Dmitrij will get back to newly started and under development projects. Tomas and Raimonda are already busy preparing for the winter holidays. Jauku.lt team (www.jauku.lt) is cooperating with such partners as "RedBull", "Kauno grūdai", "Berlin Chemie", Kaunas technology university, even our President (helping her surprise international and Lithuanian guests with original gifts) and many others. We are always ready to help You share beautiful emotions with important people.
So, would you like to impress your employees or business customers with original idea and unordinary gift solutions or do you prefer to use bottle and flowers as usual…? Leave your worries to us and be different together with Jauku.lt team!
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