About us   

After "Leafy Dream" - the first jauku | design product - saw the light, we had a purpose to show it to the world.
As we wanted to share the joy and the first steps of our dream with the world, we needed an instrument for that. We didn't consider too much - simply sold our own cars and bought a travel "buddy" - a camper.
We knew only one thing - this product has to be seen by everyone! So we went on our first trip. It was Germany, Frankfurt city which hosted the exhibition Tendence 2012
"Tendence is the meeting place for around 46,000 trade buyers and retailers from 91 countries who made their way to Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre during the five days of the fair. There, they gathered information about the range of products offered by the 1,852 exhibitors from 46 countries, placed orders, attended the special presentations and made active use of the programme tailored to the needs of the retail trade."
This trip has loaded us with the motivation which is enough to date. We and our product were warmly welcomed and encouraged by the people to keep going, move forward and share with the world this youthful positivity we had. With infinitely much positivity we are immersed into social activities: we associate with active and creative youth, we help children who lack joy of life and attention, we stand for ecology and with our camper we wish to visit more different cities around the globe. We have also created a Facebook profile "BARDAKAS", where people can learn to reuse old items and resurrect them for a second life.
While living in an environmentally friendly way we have also used natural materials for packaging of our jewelry stand. Our aim was to create packaging that would be natural and its appearance would gladden. And our efforts and results were assessed: In 2012, our packaging was nominated as an innovative and embraced into the international TOP GRAPHIC DESIGN SERIES book of PACKAGING, where it was listed together with other non-standard packages of developers around the world.
Currently, the website of Leafy Dream is participating in Lithuanian Internet Awards 2013 LOGIN, in the Best Product Website category. It would be a great joy if we get the appreciation right here, where this beautiful vision was born. (http://www.login.lt/apdovanojimai/nominacijos?id=355)
Jauku | design dream bit by bit takes shape. Jewelry trees gratify women living in Australia, America and many European countries. With our camper we've already traveled Germany, the Netherlands, and UK, communicating with people, introducing them with our dream and conceived ideas, and planting a tree in countries we visit.
Our goals for the future are - to continue developing new, cozy and valuable products; to organize social events in our country, thus giving joy to people with its lack of; to travel around the world sharing ideas and bringing desire to move forward; to keep smiling.
We believe in and strive that in every country in the world there would at least one our tree growing.
With a smile and respect:
Dmitrij Juvko:) Simonas Urbonas:) Tomas Kulita:)
Jauku | design